My Story ~

My Story ~

My name is Kathy Atkins. . I am Joshua Klaver’s Mother. .25 years ago my son died by hanging when he was 10 years old after years of abuse at the hands of his father, Santa Clara County, California Sheriff Deputy KW Klaver. I fully understand the self imposed limits the legal system gives itself …I have been beat down by the system one two many times to think that anything shall be done but fearful silence is not something I’m willing to let control me any longer
I stepped into the legal system 29 years ago going in and out of a family court that refused to do their job trying to save my Son from being abused by his father, the family court, Sheriff Department and CPS all knew about the abuse and did nothing… the Sheriff Department in Gilroy, California choose to cover one of their own over the safety of my Son including Sergeant Egge. And my issues with the System continue to this day.
When I was told about the abuse in 1984 and the Sheriff Department was notified by me the same day,Joshua was 6 years old. There were many acts of violence witnessed by others that I reported to the Gilroy, CA Sheriff Department and CPS, KW’s ex wife, who left the home because of violence against her saw many abuses against Joshua by his father, Josh loved her dearly and was heartbroken when she left . The Sheriff Department would not even speak with her, no action was taken…
This is when we stepped into the court system, they refused to do their job for 4 years, The outcome of our first Court case, Judge James Stewart of the Santa Clara County Family Court’s decision was the findings of abuse was true, that Joshua’s father could not be alone with Josh, all visitation had to be monitored by a court appointed watcher, not even 2 weeks after this decision the court reversed the court order, my Attorney was contacted by the courts and was told that I had to start sending Joshua out to his father’s unsupervised, this was done without a court hearing, I did not receive any documents, it was done quietly in a phone call notification.
 Do you know what happens when no action is taken over and over again, it gives a Deputy the go ahead to continue doing what he wants, Departments and Courts Systems across our Country create monsters out of Police Officers by letting them slide on domestic violence, they allow them to take the power they have on the streets into their homes and the results come in nightmares and mine came in 1989 when my Son after years of abuse died at the age of 10 by hanging in a barn used for slaughtering livestock and wild game, he could no longer take the fear and pain he was forced to live with, I was refused a investigation by the Sheriff Department at the time of his death and was notified of this decision by Sergeant Egge of the Gilroy,California Office.
In Nov of 1990 22 months after Joshua’s death the Sheriff Department called me, they told me they were reopening the case, came to my home and filled my head with thoughts of their concern that his father had more to do with Joshua’s death then 1st thought, they asked me if I knew anything about a confrontation that happened in the car between Josh and his father after he took him from my home just before he died ,they would not tell us why they asked..I’m sorry we can’t share that information with you at this time..they asked me if Joshua had bruises on his back and scrapped up knee’s before his father took him from my home, my answer was no he did not have those marks on him. .more information on this contact with the Sheriff Department is included in a post on this page.
I live with severe depression, PTSD has control my life, I have been hospitalized many times because of the need I had to be with Joshua more than it was healthy for me. I cry everyday for Joshua, for his pain, for my pain. My heart will never heal, I crave Justice but I know it’s not mine to have but I still wish to share my story, to share Joshua’s story. I am pulled to expose the actions of the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Laurie Smith and I will continue to do as I also reach out to other families of Police Violence

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6 thoughts on “My Story ~

    1. Thank you Rhonda, I was reading on your page about the Suicide prevention walk and the song you posted, I had a good cry. I’m glad your niece worked so hard to make the day a peaceful event surrounded by people you love and who loved Kaitlyn. I pray that God finds a moment during your day to bless you with a kindness that touches your heart and brings a smile to your face. Kathy

      1. Thank you so much Kathy. I wish the same for you. I came across your blog from a post on facebook that Jan Andersen put on her page. If you have a friend in her, you have a great friend indeed. I read her book which helped me so much in my situation and emailed her and she has become a good friend. I wish you peace some way. Rhonda

  1. Heartbreaking. May you find comfort and strength in Spirit. I have experienced something similar with the system, but not resulting in such a tragedy as this. So very sorry you experienced this injustice, and very sorry for the pain your son lived with.

    1. Linda, Thank you for your kindness and prayers, I’m sorry that the system with all it’s injustice has touched your life. The Legal system and the people in it have the power to ripped peoples lives apart. It’s painful to see that it continues to do the same so many years later

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