Brave Starts Here. . .So I’m Told

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2 thoughts on “Brave Starts Here. . .So I’m Told

  1. I know that today, January 30th, must be the worst day of your life. I’m so sorry that your son is gone and that he experienced so much pain.
    I wanted to let you know that I’ve added your blog to the website that I’m curating in memory of my son, who was killed 20 months ago.
    The site is a collection of blogs, articles, and videos for bereaved parents and siblings.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, the pain of today starts just before his birthday in October and chasing me into the next year. For a long time I stopped counting the years that have gone by since his death because I didn’t want to think about how old he would be but since I started to share my story I had no choice but to count the years, He would be 35 and I crave the family and children that was to be his, it’s so very painful as you know yourself.
    I am so sorry about your son’s death, losing a child is the most heartbreaking experience a mother will go through in her life time, you are deeply in my prayers. Thank you for adding my page to your website, I am grateful for the support, Kathy

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